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RRP $29.00 per 350ml bottle (USD)

Minimum Order: 20 Carton (20x350ml bottles)

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PetBrew™ is a high-performance liquid probiotic feed supplement for cats and dogs, used to support a pet’s digestive system.


What Is PetBrew™?

First and foremost,  PetBrew’s  probiotics are alive.  

After researching the digestive system and optimal microbial balance for  cats and  dogs,  BioBrew’s  team  came up with a recipe of bacterial strains that made a bacterial colony beneficial to optimising  these companion animals’ health  and microbial balance. They then created an effective delivery method that keeps the bacteria alive in a liquid product so that it is 100% effective.  

PetBrew can enhance recovery from a range of gastrointestinal and immune system-related disorders.  

PetBrew customers report their pets have improvements to digestive upsets, and overall health and energy.  

We think there really is nothing else on the market like it, not just in New Zealand but in the world.  


Why Fresh Is Best

You wouldn’t enjoy being freeze-dried and neither do microbes.

Freeze-drying damages most of the microbes being processed, with only 1/10th or even 1/100th of the microbes you start with surviving in a condition from which they may be brought back to life.

Re-animating a freeze-dried culture takes another heavy toll, with only 1/10th to 1/100th of the microbes that may have been able to survive actually finishing the process in a condition where they can metabolize and reproduce.

This means that only a tiny fraction – 1/100th to 1/10,000th of the microbes that enter the freeze-drying process – will ever wake up and get to work trying to be a probiotic.

This process also takes time, meaning the tiny fraction of microbes that do make it only benefit the lower part of the gut they find themselves in once they get to work.


Ingredients & Instructions

PetBrew contains: Molasses, Sugar, Lime, Kelp, GRAS Microbial Culture, Lactobaccilli including L.rthamnosus, Yeast, Water.

It is usually added to pet food or drinking water, or can be administered orally via a syringe.

Do not refridgerate. Do not heat above 40 degrees Celcius or allow to dry out. Keep out of direct sunlight.