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Honey Gift Packs

Nga Pi

Each jar 150ml/190gm, total net 630gm

RRP $55.00 - $60.00 (USD)


Minimum Order: 10

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Beautifully presented, eco-friendly gift packs.

Each pack includes three delicious jars of honey and a handmade native NZ timber honey and cheese knife.



Sustainable & Beautiful

Our sustainable, New Zealand-made jars feature native flower artwork. Designed to look gorgeous on store shelves, or elevate any table setting.

Each gift pack comes in a recycled cardboard box with a beautiful NZ native timber honey knife. The honey knife is made from either NZ native Rimu or reclaimed Kauri, and is food-safe. The knives are made in small batches and coated in beeswax to protect them and bring out the native timber’s beautiful grain.


Kanuka & Manuka

Found along our coastal shores, the Kanuka tree is a cousin of Manuka. Long-used in healing practices, it treats skin ailments such as acne and eczema. Kanuka honey is lighter and less bitter than Manuka but has the same thick, butterscotch feel.

New Zealand’s best known honey, Manuka honey, is traditionally used to treat many ailments. One of nature’s superfoods, Manuka honey’s properties work on the inside and outside – making our honey liquid gold for your body. Manuka honey has a strong, distinct flavour. Rich, thick and sweet.


Towhai & White Clover

The sweet, delicate native Towhai honey is the perfect all-round table honey. Loved by adults and children alike. Towhai honey is a true taste of the beautiful native trees found in Northland, New Zealand.

White Clover honey has a sweet, flowery flavour and a pleasing mild taste. White Clover is a summer flower, producing pale, golden honey with fudge-like characteristics.