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Munch Eco-Suction Plate

Munch Cupboard

RRP $35.00 (USD)


Minimum Order: 24

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The natural way to feed baby and toddler. A non-slip, no-mess plate with sections to separate food. The suction ring holds the plate firmly in place on a high-chair or tabletop, while an easy release tab allows you to quickly pick it up after meals.

Elegant design, durable and practical. Choose from four great colours: purple, blue, green and orange.




Versatile & Safe

A versatile plate for infant feeding, baby-led weaning, or toddler self-feeding. Suitable for children 4 months and older.

Bamboo is the perfect material as it prevents a child from burning their fingers when enjoying warm food. Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and free from dangerous substances that can cause allergies. Plastic, BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate-free. 100% environmentally friendly!

Colourful Base & Spoon

Having three different sections on the plate enables food separation – great for fussy eaters.

Early-stage babies’ eyes are not fully developed so they find bright colours more interesting and stimulating. The base of the plate and the spoon-head are bright colours, keeping baby interested at feeding time.