OFNZ™ Export Partnering is designed for companies looking to optimise their value chain who are looking to strengthen their teams using both in-house capability and out-sourced expertise from OFNZ.

Under the OFNZ™ Export Partnering model, our team joins your team, working on those parts of the value chain currently missing in your company’s capacity or capability-set. For example, clients may simply want to focus on manufacturing or producing their product or service and don’t want to be distracted by brand development, sales strategy, partner identification and export market development. OFNZ then fills that gap. Under this model, OFNZ becomes an integral piece of your value chain, letting you get on with doing what you do best while OFNZ focuses on export growth and returns.

We only enter into a partner model where there is a strong values alignment and operate under a variety of commercial models ranging from profit-share, equity, time & materials billing or a combination of all three. We work with clients to determine the most appropriate model for all parties.

Our point of difference

Every market is different, and buyers are looking for products that provide them with a fair margin and an edge on their competitors. Smart manufacturers and exporters get this and start with this premise in mind.

Too many New Zealand companies fail offshore having designed and built beautiful products or services for export without ever ascertaining whether there’s actually a market for them. We take the opposite approach, taking time to identify credible offshore market demand before looking across New Zealand for export-capable parties producing suitable products or services for the market; and like-minded people across these companies that are open to doing things a little differently. For example, manufacturers and producers who are able to take advice on brand customisation or product nuancing and who are happy supplying buyers with product aligned with customers’ wants and needs.

After significant vetting and the development of a trusted relationship with manufacturers and producers in New Zealand, OFNZ™ will present their credentials and products or services offshore. Our commercial focus is to ensure any New Zealand product or service presented internationally has the best fit for a specific market with a view to driving differentiation and margin, keeping the value chain as short as practical while securing sustainable annuity income for all parties.