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Michael Welten & Tony Aubrey

Prior to launching Mipuchi, Michael had spent 15 years in Sales Management for large national and multi-national FMCG companies. The idea to create a luxury dog perfume came about when Michael was shopping for a pet fragrance for Benson, his French bulldog. While pet fragrances had been around for 20+ years, Michael discovered they all contained a lot of nasty chemicals which he didn’t want to use on Benson.

From that moment, Michael set off on a five-year product development journey to create a 100% plant-based pet fragrance that was alcohol-free and didn’t contain parabens and harmful chemicals. Mipuchi’s core guiding principle remains the same to this day – offering a luxury pet fragrance made with sustainable, naturally derived ingredients. Mipuchi incorporates signature New Zealand ingredients into each of their four fragrances to provide a complex and uniquely refreshing scent of pure New Zealand.

Michael’s business partner, Tony Aubrey, has spent 20 years in senior Creative Director roles for national and multi-national advertising agencies. He worked alongside Michael to help develop the Mipuchi branding, packaging and marketing to bring the product to market. As a dog-lover, Tony is passionate about the Mipuchi brand and providing dog-lovers around the world the opportunity to build a closer connection with their pets.

Together, Michael and Tony have successfully launched the product in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and the US – and have expanded their portfolio to include a range of premium plant-based pet shampoos and conditioner. They are now in the process of developing more innovative pet grooming products.

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