OFNZ™ Export Advisory is designed for companies needing an injection of export expertise as required. An OFNZ™ Export Advisory engagement typically starts with an Export Readiness Assessment (ERA) – a one-day workshop that enables us to identify gaps in your export plan and what help is required. The ERA output is an assessment and Action Plan, working with you to determine where we need to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in versus where that capability is already held in-house.

A 90-day Export-To-Action plan is signed off and then we get on with it. We undertake agreed tasks and provide support and guidance to you. Formal and diarised check-ins ensure everyone is kept honest, deadline-wise, and on track. At 90-days we review, help determine next steps and agree on whether further engagement with OFNZ™ is warranted.

We’ll leverage our contacts and networks for you, travel with you into new markets as required, ensuring the early excitement of going global converts naturally into sustainable action.

While we can develop plans, strategies and reports, and will do this where necessary, we have a philosophy of keeping things simple and to the point, informed by experience and a focus on action. We can also operate on an adhoc basis – providing timely advice and support when you need it most.  This is provided on a time and materials basis

Our Guarantee

If at the conclusion of the one-day Export Readiness Assessment you haven’t seen the value we can bring, then the day will be free (excluding charges for disbursements such as travel and accommodation). Please note that the walk-away decision is final and irreversible meaning we will not engage with you further at any point in the future.