About OFNZ™

OFNZ is an exporter of products and services and we help companies large and small to be successful at exporting.

Calling on our own experience exporting products and services internationally, we’ve worked with over 150 private and public sector New Zealand organisations helping them improve their odds of international success.

We like to make things happen and have a strong track record of developing and delivering creative, pragmatic and innovative solutions that will push your export thinking then drive your business to export action.

There are lots of export theorists out there; people who will analyze and write strategies, plans and reports. While there’s a place for this, the key to effective exporting is working with people who’ve actually done it and are still doing it.

People who have the scars and success stories to prove it.

People who can cut through complexity, get to action quickly and cost-effectively, while providing frank input and feedback on your product or service and value proposition.

People who know how to develop business, connect with markets, find the niche and deliver the goods.

People like us.