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OnlyFromNZ™ helps New Zealand grow through exporting.

We have three commercial arms:

  1. OFNZ™ Export Advisory, designed for companies needing an injection of export expertise as required;
  2. OFNZ™ Export Partnering, designed for companies looking to optimise their value chain and strengthen their teams using both in-house capability and out-sourced expertise from OFNZ™.
  3. OFNZ™ Export Artisan, our own line of OFNZ™ branded products exported globally.

Our approach is designed around your needs – whether simply providing advice, working as virtual team members, or integrating deeply with your company.

We work with companies across all stages of export maturity – from start-ups to early-stage through to mature exporters looking for new ways to reach new markets.

If you’re looking to grow your business offshore, we’d love to hear from you.