Monarch Premium Red Deer Velvet

Guilds of High Peak Estate’s Monarch Premium Red Deer Velvet is a 100% natural and halal-certified health supplement that can improve vitality, mobility and wellbeing.

The extraordinary health benefits of the lipids, amino acids and collagen contained in Monarch make it a globally sought-after natural supplement. As a natural source of minerals, collagen, amino acids, lipids, IGF 1 & 2, Omega 3 & 6, Mucopolysaccharides, and natural hormones, Monarch’s nutrients also contribute to maintaining a healthy immune system.

Modern studies undertaken by universities from New Zealand, South Korea and the USA have confirmed Monarch’s many positive health benefits.

The developing antlers of a Red Deer Stag are the world’s fastest growing mammalian tissue and Monarch simply captures and encapsulates the renewable and powerful qualities of this 100% natural product.

Monarch is produced from a single herd of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) farmed sustainably and humanely on High Peak Estate, a 10,000-acre family-owned property located in the foothills of New Zealand’s remote Southern Alps. High Peak Estate holds New Zealand’s only Monarch-producing Red Deer Stags.

Red Deer Stags regrow their antlers every year and their humane harvesting is regulated under New Zealand’s strict Animal Welfare Codes.

The use of Deer Velvet was first recorded on a scroll from a Han tomb in China and has been prized by Oriental physicians for over 2000 years. In the 21st century, Red Deer Velvet is now prized internationally for its health-promoting properties including supporting:

• General health and wellbeing
• Increased energy and vitality
• Immune function
• Healthy sexual function
• Joint health
• Bone health.

Demand for Monarch exceeds supply and has done every year for the past decade. As production is seasonal, please register your details below to be included in our invitation to purchase.

High Peak Estate is a winner of New Zealand’s Best Quality Producer of Premium Red Deer Velvet (Volumes Over 1000 Kilograms’ Category).

OnlyFromNZ. From the NZ of the earth to you.

New Zealand Islamic Development Trust Halal Certification


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