Monarch – Premium Red Deer Antler Extract (Powdered Form)

Nestled in the foothills of the Alps of New Zealand’s South Island, Monarch is produced naturally on High Peak Estate – a 10,000-acre property holding New Zealand’s largest Monarch-producing Red Deer Stag herds.

Monarch strengthens, protects and restores. By harnessing the renewable and powerful qualities of this 100% natural product, High Peak Estate has created the premium health supplement that is Monarch.

For over 2000 years, Asian civilizations have used deer antler extract as a tonic for strengthening immunity, remedying joint conditions, maintaining wellbeing, increasing vitality and promoting blood-flow. In the 21st century, Red Deer antler extract remains prized for its health-promoting properties.

A natural source of minerals, collagen, amino acids, lipids, IGF 1 & 2, Omega 3 &6, Mucopolysaccharides, and natural hormones, all these nutrients contribute in various ways to maintaining a healthy immune system. In particular, it is the extraordinary health benefits of the lipids, amino acids and collagen contained in Monarch that make it such a sought-after natural supplement.
Not only does no other mammalian tissue grow faster than the developing antler of a Red Deer Stag, but Red Stags, incredibly, regrow their antlers every year.

High Peak Estate is the only place in the world licensed to produce Monarch. Using proprietary production techniques means Monarch has a higher content of active ingredients making it the highest quality product on the market, guaranteed.

A completely natural product, modern studies undertaken by universities from the USA, New Zealand, South Korea and Russia have confirmed Monarch’s many positive health benefits.

High Peak Estate is a winner of New Zealand’s Best Quality Producer of Premium Red Deer Antler Extract (Volumes Over 1000 Kilograms’ Category).

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Monarch. Proudly brought to you from the edge of the world by Only From NZ.

New Zealand Islamic Development Trust Halal Certification


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